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Control Your Monthly Call Costs

If you have a mobile phone, and everybody does, then you are probably on a plan.  The problem with most mobile phone plans is that they are not designed to benefit you, they're designed to benefit the Telcos - How much cash can they squeeze out of you every month?  Exceed your free time and the Telco's got you by the throat, or should we say by the wallet.  

How can you control these run-away mobile phone expenses?

Now you can take charge of your phone expense with CallLimiter, the inexpensive little software application that helps you control your mobile phone costs.

How Does CallLimiter Work?

  1. CallLimiter automatically cuts off your phone call after the time that you set.
  2. CallLimiter warns you before ending the call.
  3. CallLimiter lets you cancel the autohangup.
  4. CallLimiter automatically redials the person you called if selected.
  5. CallLimiter can even limit by the contacts you choose.

It might well be the quickest return on your money ever!  Why wait any longer?  The next call you make might be the first one that you start saving on!

Control Your Call Costs Control Your
Call Costs

Control Others' Call Costs Control Others'
Call Costs

Control Phone Socializing Abuse Control Phone
Socializing Abuse

Control Potential Mobile Health Hazards Control Mobile
Health Hazards

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