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Control Your Child's Mobile Phone Socializing

Staying in contact with your kids is very important, after all, that's why you bought them a mobile phone in the first place, but out-of-sight means out-of-mind.

When it comes to teenagers, the most important thing in their lives are their friends and they seem to be on the mobile with them 24/7. And that can get expensive, very expensive!

Keep your kids, especially your teenagers, from using up all your free minutes and creating huge over-run charges while discussing their latest dating disasters.

With CallLimiter's autohangup and call list feature installed, you can control the time your kids spend talking on the phone, as well as who they spend time talking to. 

You can even enable password protection to ensure your child sticks to the settings you want them to. 

CallLimiter saves you money, and maybe, just maybe, you can get your kids to spend their time doing something productive - like their homework!

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