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Control Potential Mobile Phone Health Risks

Everyone has heard about the potential health risks prolonged mobile phone usage might cause. Even if you're not one hundred percent convinced, why take the chance?

Limit your exposure and limit the chance of suffering long-term damage to your health.

But damage to your health is not the only risk involved in the inappropriate use of mobile phones. Driving while on the phone splits your concentration, and that slows your reaction time, potentially leading to a catastrophic accident. Many places in the world are actually banning mobile phone usage while driving.

With the surveys, the studies and the laws being passed, perhaps it is time to at least start being careful? Call Limiter can help you. Limit your automobile phone use to just enough time to tell the caller your landline number.

There isn't any mobile phone call worth the risk of damaging you or your family's health, or causing a tragic car accident.

If you'd like to read more about potential risks, see the Articles or Videos section.

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