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Reduce Your Mobile Phone Costs

22 Aug, 2009    (By: Chris Mahoney)

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A cell phone today is essential, but in a tight economy, every penny counts. A close examination of your cell phone bill shows that’s exactly how the bill grows: one dollar at a time, minute by minute. With a little discipline, cell phone users can control and reduce monthly costs, not to mention the monthly stress when the bill comes in. 
Examine Your Usage
An average cell phone bill can easily climb to $160 a month or more. Cell phone bills are higher than expected primarily because people talk longer than they plan to when they place or receive calls. Consider bulk rates and special calling plans. Still, the minutes can add up quickly and higher per-minute rates are in place before you even realize it. Some users manage costs better through pre-paid plans, but the reduction in convenience may be too great a cost.
Enlist Call Control Technology
The fool-proof way to reduce your mobile phone costs is to reduce your talk time. New technology allows cell phone users to place self-imposed limits on talking time, resulting in better control of mobile phone costs. One such software package, the Call Limiter application available through allows cell phone account holders to preset time limits on phone calls. Easy-to-use and adaptable to callers’ patterns and preferences, the inexpensive software can shave dollars off a monthly bill without the elimination of any of your current services or options. Using software such as Call Limiter will allow you to adjust your caller plans as you adjust yourself to the limits you’ve self-imposed through software use.
Tailor your contract
Want further reductions? Make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t use or really need. They may have sounded great when you first signed up, but special ring tones, wallpapers and downloads can take a bigger bite out of the budget than you anticipated. Check your calling plan and compare it to your usage and make sure you’ve made the right choice. If not, adjust it to fit your patterns now that you’re an established user. Comb through your bill and make sure you’re paying only for things you need. Insurance? Road service? Directory assistance? Texting? These are all your decisions.
Taking control of your cell phone costs through personal awareness and with the help of technology such as Call Limiter can make a major difference in your monthly payout to your cell phone provider.

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