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Mobile Phone Exposure - The new Smoking Risk?

09 Feb, 2010    (By: Chris Mahoney)

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Mobile phones.  Everybody uses them, they are great.  Convenient, simple to use, great fun and did I mention convenient?

Everywhere you go you'll see people with phones glued to the side of their head, ear pieces permanently attached to their ears or just tapping away texting their friends at speeds that are difficult to believe.  Mobile phone have connected us in a way never before considered possible, to the betterment of all mankind.

When you think of all the good things that mobile phones have achieved it is an amazing track record:

Hmmm - well, most of these things are good - aren't they?

Yes, they are good.  Mobile phones have made a difference, but it is time for us all to realise that mobile phones are not an incredible, magical technology that is the answer to all our mobile prayers, rather a mobile phone is a tool that employs a technology that we really need to think hard about.  While it is almost hard to believe, the mobile phone has not been around for that long, yet already there is some very concerning research to suggest that this amazing tool might actually not be quite so amazing.

In fact, it seems that these wonderful devices can actually increase the risk of developing brain cancer by up to 4 times.

But surely, if things were that bad, wouldn't we know about it by now?

Perhaps.  But this might just be one of those times we need to start to think for ourselves and not follow the messages portrayed by mainstream media.

There is an ever-increasing volume of data to suggest that the mobile phone might be the smoking epidemic of the modern era.  And we are just not hearing about it enough.

But I hear you say - "Even doctors don't believe that mobile phones can hurt you!!" and yes, you would be right in saying that.  Then again, 1949 saw a massive advertising campaign "More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette", you can even watch this on YouTube today. 

Yet many years later, the issues surrounding the ongoing use of this addictive drug are well known.  Our children are smoking less, it's true, but even though we know the dangers, there are still people picking up this habit.

If the research about mobile phone radiation and the damage it can cause is correct, then we need to start to change the message that we are sending to our children.  We worry about the climate and we teach our children about this - and they tell their friends about it on their cell phone.  Is this really the best outcome for the next generation?

So what can we do about it?

The use of speakers on phones will help, as will car kits, but the challenges associated with a typical hands-free kit is not yet known, and there is some early research to suggest that when a phone is close to the body in an area not sheilded by bone, the penetration of the radition is greater!  How many people carry their phone on their hip or rest it between their legs in a car? 

Do the benefits outweigh the risks of using this technology?  It is clear that there are many fantastic benefits associated with mobile phone use, so perhaps, instead of imposing a ban on this technology, perhaps we need to retrain ourselves in how we use it?  Limiting phone calls to 5 mins a call can go a long way to keeping that phone off your ear.  Arrange to meet the person, or perhaps call them from a landline or your computer?  Maybe you could text them instead (and NO, not while you are driving!) just to make sure that your talk time is moderated.

Call Limiter can help you

Simply install this technology and configure it to prevent you from exceeding a call limit that you are comfortable with, then every time you are on a call, Call Limiter will let you know you have reached your limit.  At that time, you can either let it cut off your call, or simply continue you call, but at least you will have been warned that you have reached your comfortable limit.

It might not be able to protect you from the possibility of developing brain cancer, but limiting the length of you call can certainly not make the problem worse...and it should make it better...

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