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What does a call really cost?

20 Oct, 2009    (By: Chris Mahoney)

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Have you ever stopped to think how much a call will really cost you?

Most Telcos across the planet now charge by the 30 second block (or there abouts).  That means every 1 second you exceed the time or cost you have allocated, you might as well be on the phone for 30 seconds more!

OK, well, that doesn't sound so bad...but what does it cost me?

Let's take a typical plan.  Each block of time you are charged might cost you $0.20.  Only 20 cents!  That is hardly enough to even notice - but then again, that is exactly what the telcos want you think.  Why?  Because 20 cents adds up very quickly.

Think of it this way - If you've allocated yourself 1 cell phone call each work day in a week, each to cost you $3.  You calculate how long you can stay on the phone so for the day, it will only cost you $15.  Sounds great so far.

You then exceed the time you estimated by 1 second for each call.

So:                   20+20+20+20+20 = $1.00

Your $15 has just become $16 and you have only spoken for 5 seconds more.  Worse still - this is only if you only make 1 phone call per day!

It adds up very quickly.

Using these numbers, it is $1.40 per week or $6.00 per month!  And again, that is only 1 phone call per month, if you only exceed your time by 1 second.  What about when you exceed it by minutes?

Call Limiter prevents this.  It pays for itself very quickly , and from that point on - you will remain in control.

It also means you can enjoy your mobile phone calls again...instead of watching the clock.

Get your copy of Call Limiter today!

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