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Small Business and Mobile Phone Bills

28 Sep, 2009    (By: Chris Mahoney)

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Do  you run a small business?  Have you ever had that sinking feeling when the phone bill comes in?  Have you spent good money installing desk phones for your people, but their mobile phone costs continue...and sometimes increase!

I know I have.  I run a small business and I have been a part of other people's small business for many years.  I know the feelings and the ploys we use to try to manage this (potentially) discretionary spending.

In Australia, the largest telecommunications provider, Telstra, provide a plan that is ideal for Small Business.  10 minutes of free talk time, any time of the day (and no flagfall costs), but only between phones that are on the same account - and unprecedented coverage across Australia.  While there is some challenge with getting all the business' phones onto the same account, once that is done, you can talk for free during office hours.

It is great.

The problem many staff continue well past the 10 minute free window, and it ends up costing money. 

The problem is, watching the clock is cumbersome and it is too easy to get distracted from the content of your conversation, so you can understand why it happens, but it doesn't make you pleased that it has happened!

This was a problem I was not prepared to continue to live with, and Call Limiter was created off the back of this basic requirement: "How can I manage my mobile phone costs automatically and not impact on my business"

The first incarnation of Call Limiter clearly showed that it was a product with a future.  I was saving money during the testing phase!  It was incredible.  Then we hit a bit of a snag - on the phones that had Call Limiter installed, it would cut off important business calls.  This was clearly a problem.

One of the keys for Small Business is not to look small.  Cutting off business calls was never going to be a good way to move forward.  We had to keep going...we weren't there yet.

I spoke with other Small Business owners and employees.  Limiting by Contact was asked for quite strongly by everyone we spoke to.  Others wanted to know how they could stop their people altering the settings on their we looking into Password Protection for these features.

It has taken some time, some money and a lot of testing but now we have a product that can be used by all Small Business.  Whether you have free talk time or just want to get people back to their desk phones Call Limiter can help your Small Business.

It is unobtrusive and allows all normal call functions to work perfectly well, but it just adds that missing element: "The ability to Automatically control your mobile phone bills without impacting on the business".

We have achieved our goal.


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