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Control Your Call Costs
Control Your Call Costs
Fed up with high mobile phone costs? CallLimiter controls your run-away mobile expenses.
Control Others' Call Costs
Control Others' Call Costs
Frustrated paying for your family's excessive mobile phone expenses? CallLimiter helps!
Control Phone Socializing Abuse
Control Phone Socializing Abuse
Exasperated with the high cost of mobile phone socializing? CallLimiter to the rescue!
Control Potential Mobile Heath Hazards
Control Potential Mobile Health Hazards
Worried about potential health risks from excessive mobile phone use. Limit exposure with CallLimiter.

Are You Ready To Save Money!

Join the thousands of people all over the world that are already saving money every day!

Call Limiter is an easy to use phone application which will limit your phone call to a preset limit.  It doesn't matter if it is 10 mins, 20 mins or even 3 mins, you control your phone.

Install Call Limiter then set your maximum phone call limit by minutes or cost.  You can limit Incoming or Outgoing phone calls, or just limit certain people. 

Call Limiter is perfect if you have free talk time with someone on the same phone carrier as you.  With the automatic redial option you can talk again and again without going over your free talk time limit.

Now that most carriers charge in 30 second blocks, you won't ever exceed the time you want, not even by a second - every second really does count!

For under $10!


Are your phone bills out of control?

Do you have Free Timed calls between phones?

Want to teach your children the value of money.

And Yes!  Call Limiter will work in your country!

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